Digital Bank and Ecosystem


Banca 5



Together with my team we designed and developed the entire digital ecosystem, consisting of App, Web App, public site and site dedicated to dealers.

The design process started from interviews with the stakeholders in order to identify the target and to collect all the necessary requirements. The process then moved to the service design phase, where my colleagues (with whom I collaborated) designed the personas and user journeys related to the product.

At the end of the service design phase we moved to the definition of the information architecture and the structure of the portal and the mobile app to move then, finally, to the prototyping phase.
This phase consisted of several design and review cycles with the client, based on an interactive prototype (Axure) that allowed us to collect a large number of feedback and to constantly improve the experience.

After the first official release, the project continued with the constant maintenance of the app and the constant addition of new features.


Fully navigable Axure prototype of the Banca 5 App and the web customer area (desktop).