Notification ecosystem


NDA – Banking



The bank contacted us to help them define and design the notification system necessary to inform and get in touch with their customers.
We started the process by defining the nomenclature, identifying all the different type of notifications the bank intended (and needed) to send (mail, sms, push) and all the actors involved in the process.

Then we defined the importance and legal weight of each notifications through a double entry grid, in order to identify the correct channel to use to send each of them and, together with the development team, we identified and designed the most suitable technological solution for sending each notification, displaying the different channels and defining the fallback mechanisms needed in different cases.

We then designed a “custom” customer journey map to merge the technical layer and the user layer in a way that was clear and simple to share with all the stakeholders to visualize every case we identified.

At the end of the service design process we prototyped the experience through wireframes and then designed the final user interface of the app.


Naming convention
Notification mapping
Fallback management
Multidevice management
Notification system blueprint