Workshop fast prototyping





Within a larger project of envisioning towards potential new business streams of the bank in which I worked together with the colleagues of Management Consulting I provided a fast prototyping workshop towards the project representatives.

The workshop objective was to teach the participants (people who don’t normally work in the design field) the basics of design thinking, in order to quickly visualize and prototye their ideas, verify them with users and then present the results to business.

The aim of the workshop was therefore to design a site starting from the initial idea up to the delivery of an interactive prototype.

The two days of workshops followed an agenda similar to a common flow of design thinking:

  • Information architecture – Theory
  • Card sorting – Theory
  • Information architecture – Building the sitemap
  • Use case – Definition of the use case to be prototyped
  • Prototyping – Theory
  • Prototyping tools – Invision and Marvel overview
  • Creation of the static prototype (based on the use case)
  • Adding interactions

At the end of the two days of workshops, the participants were able to create their own interactive prototype.

At the end of the workshop, the service design team provided another workshop about user testing and the collection of evidence emerging from user tests.
The participants then used the prototype created in the first phase of work to validate their hypotheses and proceed with the project.


PPT presentation
Marvel prorotype